New Japanese Pokemon Movie Trailer Leads to Questions about a Reboot

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Japan’s official youtube channel has a trailer for a brand new Pokemon movie.  The movie looks to see Ash making a return to Kanto.  There has been speculation that this could be a reboot to the Pokemon series.  While this isn’t the first rumors about a possible Pokemon reboot, the concept just doesn’t make sense after some thought.  This, however, doesn’t mean that Ash can’t revisit Kanto for a new adventure.  It just wouldn’t be a true reboot.

Kanto is a region that only contains the original 150 Pokemon.  Wouldn’t this mean that a reboot adventure located in Kanto would only contain the original 150 Pokemon?  This situation really seems like an unnecessary headache.  If a new reboot only included the original 150 Pokemon than lifelong fans would miss out on some of their favorites and the show would constantly be walking on eggshells with the writing to try to explain away the existence of hundreds of other Pokemon.  They could simply say “well those Pokemon don’t live in this region,” but that really just feels like a step back in the series.  It seems like the only way to make a true reboot work is making a new main character, but after all these years with Ash, that just feels wrong.

Instead of a true reboot, Ash can make a return to Kanto years laters and maybe now some of the newer Pokemon have made their way to this region.  At least this way they can acknowledge the history and growth of Pokemon as opposed to pretending Pokemon like Magmar don’t have 2 other evolutions.  It would also be pretty sweet to see all the original gym leaders with brand new teams and strategies.  Most importantly, maybe this time…just maybe, Ash can actually win a league.

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