New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals New Type and Much More

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Type:Null is the name of the Pokemon and not a new type.  Seems like a stupid name, but it is what it is.


Pokemon has released a new trailer for the upcoming Sun and Moon games.  This trailer was packed with new details for the upcoming game.  We are introduced to the Team Skull enforcer, some brand new Pokemon, some ways in how the games will be different from each other, a brand new Pokemon type, and much more.

The most exciting news to come from this trailer would have to be the announcement of the new Pokemon type.  This will have the biggest long term effect on the Pokemon universe.  The new type is called Null.  From the basic information we have been given, it seems like the Null type has something to do with synthetically created Pokemon.  The trailer shows the only known “Null” Pokemon using an attack that looks to be harnessing the power of Fire, Water, and Grass.  (Which very likely could be Tri-Attack.) If this is a theme among the Null type Pokemon then it is possible that it will be resistant to all 3 of those types.  The screen shows the Pokemon as Normal Type with the Null typing as a header at the top, so it is not exactly clear how this type will be affecting balance.  It is also not known if this will affect previous Pokemon the way that Steel and Fairy has done.  A Pokemon like Porygon seems like a real candidate for gaining the Null typing.

The trailer also had plenty of other game specific details.  This includes that fact that the events of each game will be different because Sun and Moon take place 12 hours apart from each other.  This will also affect the Pokemon that will be available in each game.  The recently revealed Dark Rattata will be exclusive to Pokemon Moon.  Players will be able to use an item called a Poke Finder to take pictures of Pokemon in a very similar fashion to the N64’s Pokemon Snap game.  This trailer also introduces “A Mysterious Threat” known as Ultra Beasts.  Immediately after mentioning Ultra beasts it shows a Pokemon with the label UB-01.  Without much else to go on, it is still probably safe to say that by the name alone, this is a synthetic Pokemon and will likely carry the Null typing.  With less than 2 month to go, gamers do not have much longer to wait before they will be able to discover all of the secrets still hidden away in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun Ultra Beast

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