NFL Season Opener Madden Prediction Chiefs @ Patriots

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Football is back, and with it, comes our KBT Madden NFL Predictions.  This year’s season opener pits the Super Bowl defending New England Patriots against the underrated and dangerous Kansas City Chiefs.  Many experts predict the Patriots to make another run deep into the playoffs while the Chiefs are expected to do well in the hyper competitive AFC West.  Some experts predict the Chiefs to win their division, but with the Raiders, Chargers, and even the Broncos to contend with, it will be a tough job for any team.  The real story here is how individual players on both teams will look.  How will Brandin Cooks fare in a Patriots offense that just lost their WR1?  Will Tyreek Hill put up another statistically fantastic season?  Is Kareem Hunt really as good as everyone seems to think?  As with every year, the storylines from this game will be blown way out of proportion.  If the Chiefs win big then the commentary could likely be a mixture of “Is Tom Brady done?” and “Is Hunt the next AP?”  If the Patriots win then it will just lead credence to the early rumblings of whether or not this Patriots team can go 19-0.

The KBT staff all think that the Patriots will come away with a W in the season opener.  Check out the video below to see who Madden Predicts will win this game between two AFC powerhouses.  

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