Nintendo NX to be Launched March of 2017

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According to sources and Nintendo’s financial results, Nintendo’s new console, the “NX will be launched in March 2017 globally.”  This is of course assuming no setbacks from now till then.   You can read here how this new console release can’t come soon enough with the way the Wii U is selling.  This is really great news for Nintendo fans.  The NX could possibly be the most powerful of any of the current generation systems which, in theory, could make it easier for many third party developers to port games onto the system.  

As for first party games, the NX has a juggernaut ready and waiting.  The game originally labeled as Zelda Wii U has now been confirmed by Nintendo’s twitter that it will “release simultaneously on both Wii U and NX in 2017.”  For the Nintendo fans that purchased a Wii U hoping this game would have come out years ago, this is a major blow.  For those gamers that skipped the Wii U, but plan on getting an NX (like me) this is awesome news.  This will virtually guarantee that the system will have  a major AAA title at or close to launch.  I’m still hoping that Pokken Tournament also gets a NX release as well.  

Below is a Wii U Zelda Tech Demo that was released in 2011.  With a release date of 2017, this game didn’t take as long as Final Fantasy 15, but it is very similar in many ways.  You can bet that the new Zelda won’t be titled Zelda Wii U since it is coming out on the new NX as well.  Considering the state of precent Nintendo consoles, if the new Zelda is released and looks like the trailer I am sure many Zelda fans will quickly forget their frustrations.  


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