Nintendo Officially Reveals the Nintendo Switch. Will it be a Success?

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Nintendo’s newest console, known as the Nintendo Switch was officially revealed today, and it is exactly what the rumors have been saying for a while.  The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that serves as a home console but can convert to take on the go.  It even has detachable controllers, which is another thing that had been rumored, but now is officially confirmed.  The trailer also confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will indeed use cartridges.  The Nintendo Switch reveal trailer did exactly what a good trailer should.  It showed off the system’s capabilities while building excitement for future news.  


There are still many unknowns about the Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo did announce that the switch will release worldwide in March of 2017.  They, however, have not provided a firm date.   The Switch’s specs are also still a big mystery.  Nintendo’s most recent consoles have all been significantly under powered which severely limited 3rd party support.  Nintendo Switch does not need to be as powerful as a PS4 Pro, but it should at least be able to handle common third party games to make porting it onto the Switch viable and profitable.  Nintendo has its own stable of AAA franchises that will always have a dedicated fanbase, but the Switch’s main appeal is the portability feature.  Just imagine having access to third party games such as Arkham Knight, Madden, Grand Theft Auto, and Battlefield while also being able to take that game and play it anywhere at all.  The day that Nintendo reveals the specs of the Nintendo Switch could have huge implications to gamers everywhere.

One thing that many gamers will undoubtedly be interested in is the price.  While Nintendo has not made any official announcement, speculation is running rampant that the Nintendo Switch will release at a price point between $299 and $399.  Nintendo is already on record saying they do not want to make the same mistake as they did with the Wii U pricing strategy, but have also said that they will not sell the console at a loss.  Balancing power, an accessible price point, and making sure the system is not selling for a loss seems like it could be a tough balance, but will be very important to make sure the Switch doesn’t suffer from the same fate as the Wii U.

Building a console that is meant for both home use and portability comes with its own set of challenges.  One major concern was the implementation of controllers.  The Switch uses two detachable controllers that can both be used for a single player game, but can also be shared for a two player experience.  The controllers look incredibly similar to the original NES when two players are each using one for a game.  These controllers were clearly designed for portability, and it seems like they have achieved their function.  For those gamers who will not be using the portability function too much, or who just prefer a traditional gamepad, Nintendo has also developed an optional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that has the look and feel of a traditional home console controller.


Nintendo is on the precipice of something that could be truly great, but there is still plenty of roadblocks in the way.  Having a full blown home console that also works as a fully functional portable gaming device would certainly be something unique.  This could end up coming down to 3 major factors which are price, performance, and game library.  Gamers have spoken with their wallet time and time again that when it comes to gaming consoles, games are king.  Nintendo already has a stable of excellent IPs and some of the best developers in the world so it is only a matter of time before the Nintendo Switch has plenty of options for great games.  Performance is another major concern.  If marque games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild have framerate issues to the point that it affects the experience than that could prove to be a major flaw in the decision to balance specs with portability and price.  Price is the last and most obvious concern.  As shown by the Wii U and PS3, launch price goes a long way to setting consumer demand.  PS3 was only able to survive thanks to a drop drop and some excellent first party games.  Wii U was never able to recover at all.  Nintendo cannot afford to make the same mistake again.

For now gamers have much to look forward to and can expect more announcement from Nintendo about the Nintendo Switch.  Stay tuned with us here at KillBoreTime for more Nintendo Switch news.

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