Nintendo’s ARMS Looks Way Better Than I Expected

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When I first heard about the new Nintendo IP called ARMS, I was more than skeptical.  It seemed like it was just going to be a reskin of the boxing game from Wii Sports, and in a lot of ways, it is.  ARMS is clearly the love child of someone who saw the Boxing game from Wii Sports and realized that it could be so much more.  One major thing to take note of is that this isn’t a realistic boxing sim at all.  Every character has long reaching stretchy arms, hence the name.  ARMS is incredibly simple to jump into, but it has an excellent level of depth.  The cartoony art style really helps ARMS fit into what gamers are accustomed to seeing as a Nintendo IP and should help interest gamers that might not normally be interested in a boxing or fighting game.  

All types of fighting games have a certain amount of depth inherent to the genre, but Nintendo has made sure to include an extra level of depth involved in mastering the game.  Every character has different detachable arms to choose from that will help players tweek characters to better fit their gameplay style.  ARMS looks to be more than just a party game.  It looks to be a bonafide boxing/fighting game with enough depth to keep players coming back for more.

ARMS will be coming shortly after the Nintendo Switch release during Spring of 2017.  The Nintendo Switch is set to launch globally on March 3, 2017.

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