Not saying I was right, but I wasn’t wrong about game 7

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First off, that was one of the best ball games I have watched in a long while. Also, hats off to the Cubs for lifting the curse. I remember the feeling when the Sox lifted their curse. It was a great World Series as a whole. It was nice being as interested as I was in teams that were not the Red Sox.

As for not being wrong but being right, well I can explain that. I am 100% right when I say I called the Cubbies win. I stand by my statement of teams that wins game 6 six (when a team has lead 3-1 series lead) win game 7, and once again was proven correct. However, I’m a big man, I can admit that I was entirely wrong about that Indians team and their fans. That crowd was loud and full of life. The Indians did not roll over die when they were down big. They battled back and didn’t throw in the towel. So I was right in the Cubs winning game 7, but man was I wrong about the Indians and their fans.

Sidenote: Lindor is something special, that play he made ranging across 2nd base in the 9th saved the game for the Indians.

Sidenote: I cannot wait for all the Indians 3-1 memes, a lot will probably be made by GSW fans.

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