Parking lot cane battle between elderly women is settled by cops

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I’m sure you heard of fight club, but have you ever heard of senior night fight club? No? Well that’s because Tyler’s gram’s Ethel runs a tighter ship than her little pussy of a grandson ever did. That is, until the Toronto incident…

Two ladies in their 70s were reportedly shouting at each other and dueling with canes as their weapons. By the time the officers arrived to the grocery store the fight had ended and one of the women had jumped in their whip and was trying to evade the police to avoid questioning, but was unsuccessful. The two women did not give much information and neither of them will be charged in the incident.

Neither of the women seemed to have any injuries from the fight and claimed not to know each other beforehand. After the investigation the fight was chalked up as just a couple of ornery older women getting in a small altercation. Which is just what they wanted them to think….DUN DUN DUN

Think about it, old people shunned and forgotten in their retirement homes. What do you think they would do, start their own fight club of course. All kidding aside I would have loved to see a couple of grandmas dueling with canes for weapons, let’s get working on that ESPN. This could save that failing, shit channel of yours.


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