Persona 5 to Get an Anime TV Series in 2018

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The latest entry in one of the most respected JPRG franchises will be getting its own anime TV series.  Thanks to a Twitter post with an image revealing the announcement, we now know that the tradition of a Persona game getting an anime adaptation will continue.  This shouldn’t really be much of a surprise considering that both Persona 3 and 4 also got similar treatments.  Shout out to IGN for pointing out that Aniplex has a teaser for the series but it is only available in Japan.  

Persona really is a perfect game to turn into an anime.  The game itself is almost an anime already.  The art, voice actors, and story all translate very well.  If someone wanted to learn about the game and characters, but they were unwilling to spending the 80-100 hours to really enjoy the game then the anime is the perfect compromise.  

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