Plot Holes From The Latest Game of Thrones Episode “Beyond the Wall”

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“Beyond the Wall” was an action packed episode that had Jon Snow and his gang facing off against impossible odds.  Overall, it was a fantastic episode containing arguably the best action sequence that has involved the dead in the entire show.  Today we are going to talk about a few plot holes that really stuck out.  

The Javelins

The Night King was able to take down a dragon with a single throw of the ice javelin.  The Night King has already seen Jon Snow kill a White Walker and now the same pest is messing with his army again.  Let’s say the Night King didn’t want to use one of his few shiny ice javelins to kill Jon Snow.  Why didn’t he as least start throwing one of the many spears that his undead army had?  It would have been like shooting fish in a barrel.  He could have easily dispensed of Snow’s entire crew and continued on their merry way towards the wall.  I’m glad he didn’t, but it seems like a missed opportunity for the Night King to get rid of one of his strongest enemies.

Retrieving the Dead Dragon

It is strikingly odd that within the same episode we see an army of the dead fall into water and never come back up while we we thousands of other dead prevented from marching forward due to the presence of water and then later we see those same dead pulling a dead dragon out of that same water.  How exactly are the dead affected by the water?  Can they swim or not?  If they can swim then why didn’t they just swim to the island?  If they can’t then how did they manage to get to the Dragon to tie on the chains?  This is probably something that will never get an answer, but it just sticks out as confusing.  The best possible explanation I can think of would be that maybe some dead were just sacrificed to get the chain tied onto the dragon and those ones will just be stuck in the water.  That explanation just feels too forced and even if that were the case then it wouldn’t explain why they couldn’t just use that same strategy to make “dead bridges” to let other dead cross bodies of water.  

These holes were enough to force me to pause and think about it, but not enough to detract from what was otherwise an excellent episode where we got to see some real action against the army of the dead. 

As a final note, what was up with the eyes on Longclaw?  I hope there is an awesome reason for this small detail, and it’s not just a cool easter egg.

Longclaw Eyes

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