Pokemon Fighting Game, Pokken Tournament Gets a Release Date

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Pokken Tournament is set to be released on the Wii U on March 18.  This is truly a game after my own heart.  It is a fighting game filled with Pokemon.  That is two out of three of my favorite things related to video games mashed into one.  Developed by Bandai Namco, the same people behind the Tekken series, this game is sure to bring a great balance of action for fans of Pokemon as well as fighting game fans in general.

The development team has already stated that they are focused on balancing the game to make sure it is fun and easily accessible for newcomers.  They do not want people turned off by the fact that it is a fighting game, which usually includes a very steep learning curve.  This isn’t to say that there will not be any depth to the game.  The years of experience working on Tekken will certainly help make sure there is something for everyone.  

My only concern about Pokken Tournament is the fact that it is being released on the Wii U.  Nintendo has already made an effort to move on from the Wii U with the NX, which is expected to release later this year.  Smash Bros and Pokken Tournament is enough for me to purchase a Wii U, but that is not the case for most gamers.  This is a game that deserves to also get ported to the NX.  It would be a tremendous missed opportunity if Pokken Tournament is only ever released on the Wii U, considering how poorly it is performing.  
On a more positive note.  The roster looks to be shaping up great.  So far, the game includes Charizard, Pikachu, Pikachu Libre (I’m a little skeptical about this one), Machamp, Gengar, Mewtwo, Suicune, Sceptile, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Garchomp, Lucario, Weavile, Chandelure, Braixen, and Shadow Mewtwo. The roster is still growing, but I am very happy with most of those names.  The whole cast looks fun and diverse.  Due to Gengar being my favorite Pokemon of all time he will definitely be the one I start with first.  Either way, I will be eagerly anticipating March 18th to get my hands on this game.  

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