Pokemon Go Set to Release 80 New Pokemon From Gen 2

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Niantic is set to release a lot more Pokemon into their Pokemon Go game later this week.  This update will include the starters from the Pokemon Gold and Silver Johto region.  The update will also include new items and berries that will have new effects.  One Berry actually increased the amount of candy trainers will receive once they capture the Pokemon.  There will also be in influx of items needed for evolution.  Pokemon that traditionally need a special item to evolve seem to be continuing their trend.  The items will likely be needed to evolve Pokemon into things like Slowking, Steelix, Scizor, and others.  Eevee will also be getting two new evolutions as well.  This is really exciting news for trainers everywhere.  Make sure to keep a lookout for this update later this week.  Happy Hunting Trainers!

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