Pokemon Go to be released in July!

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For those following along, KillBoreTime has been pumped for Pokemon Go since the original announcement.  We have grand plans of making a youtube series based completely around this game.  Nintendo announced during their Treehouse stream at E3 that Pokemon GO will be released sometime in July.  The Pokemon Go Plus will be coming out shortly after release with a price tag of $34.99.   This is an incredibly exciting announcement for Pokemon Fans worldwide.  

After much speculation about how starter Pokemon will work, it has been stated that players will start with one of the original Kanto starters or Pikachu.  Catching a Pokemon will not be as simple as clicking a “Throw Pokeball” button.  Just like the battle, there is more of an action concept behind this.  Trainers will need to time and aim their Pokeballs in order to increase the chances of catching a Pokemon.

The team behind Pokemon Go really thought of everything.  The music in the game was specifically chosen with the understanding that people will be spending most of their time walking around.  The songs are meant to be upbeat and fun in order to naturally have the player walk at a faster rate.

The game will really focus on exploring and catching Pokemon, but the ultimate goal  is to have a certain level of connectivity with the base games.  Pokemon Go will be starting with the original 150 Pokemon, but more from other regions will be released over time.  For now, knowing that the game is expected to come out in July is incredibly exciting.  Don’t forget to check us out here and on our Pokemon Go Youtube channel for constant updates once the game drops.  Good luck to every trainer who is trying to be the very best!

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