Rogue One Trailer looks Great

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The Star Wars Rogue One trailer has been released and it looks great.  The trailer introduces us to a smuggler named Jyn Erso.  My initial reaction to seeing her was “I bet that’s Rey’s mother.”  I have no real evidence for why I think this.  It was just an initial reaction.  After telling a friend my theory he sent me this which lays out the different reasons why Jyn actually could be Rey’s mother.  This leads me to believe my theory even more.  

Whether or not Jyn turns out to be Rey’s mother is not really the point here.  The Rogue One trailer will bring us back to the Star Wars universe.  The story takes place before the events of episode 4 A New Hope.  This also means that Darth Vader is alive and well.  The idea of seeing a Vader kicking ass in full HD has me way too hyped for this movie.  

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned with us here at KillBoreTime for more Star Wars news.  

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