Ryota Otsubo is the 2017 Pokemon VGC World Champion

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Ryota Otsubo is the 2017 Pokemon VGC World Champion.  This latest victory, coming after Otsubo was already crowned the Japanese national champion, solidifies him as the strongest player of 2017.  Ryota was able to claim victory with smart reads and his ability to make all the adjustments needed in between matches.  His opponents made strong plays throughout the tournament but Otsubo was able to mentally stay one step ahead while saving his best plays for when it matter most.  The double target on Sam Pandelis’ Xurkitree was one of the most hype moments of the whole tournament and was essentially the move that sealed his ultimate victory.  To cap it off, you can really see the emotion pouring out of Otsubo as his final move connects, finalizing his victory.  He has spent many hours working towards this goal and now he has the pleasure of calling himself the world champion for the next year.  You can check out the details of his full team here.

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