Savage Level 283

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After their collapse in Super Bowl LI, NFL fans have had a lot of fun this offseason at the expense of the Falcons with some hilarious memes, gifs, and other shenanigans. I don’t think that anything is as savage what the Patriots did this past weekend. Players from the Super Bowl LI champion New England Patriots all gathered to receive their rings, and they’re pretty freaking sweet. The rings have 5 Lombardi trophies, it’s engraved with “Greatest Comeback Ever”, and it has 28-3 … oops I mean 283 diamonds.
Fucking. Ruthless.
Even if you hate the Pats you have to appreciate the level of savagery that is on display here. Now I leave you with some of the best Super Bowl LI/28-3 memes. What’s your favorite meme? Leave it in the comments.





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