Sexy Asain Drummer Girl

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A Yeon, of the all girl band Bebop, has done some solo videos and she has a lot of uhh “Talent.”  I had no idea who this girl was or that there was a band called Bebop before today.  I am probably biased, but every time I go to a live show I always find myself drawn to the drummer.  I have no doubt that this would remain the case if I somehow found myself at a Bebop concert.  A Yeon has gone viral for her videos where she covers songs while playing the drum part.  It’s a simple idea, but it clearly works judging by the millions of views on her videos.  It also might help that her “talents” seem to come to life with all the bouncing and drumming going on.  I wouldn’t put A Yeon with the likes of Neil Peart, but she clearly has some solid fundamentals and dedicated enough to be in a full time band so she gets bonus credit for that.  Check out the video below as she covers Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses.  

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