Sierra Nevada Beer Camp is a must for craft beer fans

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I went into Sierra Nevada’s beer camp expecting something similar to one of Harpoon’s bi-monthly beer fests. I walked into the already crowded event on a beautiful summer day, the staff was quick to check my ID and get my sample glass into my hand. Once I was through the gates I was off and frolicking like a little kid.

The selection was amazing. There were beers on tap that you would usually have to give your right arm for. I quickly made my way to a couple of my favorites. Stone was sporting their Mocha IPA which I have been excited for since the news of its national release. It did not disappoint. You get a strong coffee aroma right off the bat, and some roasted malt scents follow. The taste is much like the nose, strong coffee flavor upfront (but not overwhelming) followed by some malt sweetness. The hops are not lost in all of this as they come on after the initial coffee taste and follow you until the next sip.

I quickly made my way to Lawson’s finest line next which was winding throughout half the length of the beer camp grounds. I had to brave the line. It had been quite a while since I last got my hands on a sip of sunshine. They were offering their Double Sunshine IPA and a maple imperial stout. Unfortunately with me showing up fashionably late I wasn’t able to go through the gamut, but they still had some Sip of Sunshine to pour. It did not disappoint. It was very light for a double IPA, there were hints of tropical fruit and nice, fresh floral hops.

There were some great surprise breweries that had delicious brews. Some notables that stood out to me were The Banded Horn’s double IPA Daikaiju which was amazing and Trillium had a delicious cold brewed coffee stout called Night and Day. Overall the camp was great, I left with a slight buzz and a ridiculous looking sunburn. This is an event that any beer lover needs to attend, it’s well worth the admission price so look up when it is coming to a venue near you and grab a ticket.


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