Spider-Man PS4 Will Be the Best Spider-Man Game Ever

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Developer Insomniac Games is on the precipice of releasing the best Spider-Man game of all time.  A brand new 9 minute gameplay trailer dropped as the grand finale of Sony’s E3 press conference on 6/12/2017.  The trailer revealed much of what fans can expect when the game releases in 2018.  The gameplay will feel familiar to another highly rated recent superhero game. The animations, coupled with the use of webs, really go a long way to adding realism to the game.

Early in the trailer, Spider-man uses his web in a variety of ways that have all been seen before in cartoons and movies.  The trailer won’t likely be the first time that you’ve seen Spidey use his web as a bullet or to subdue an attacker, but the way it all comes together is just so clean and polished.  It’s clear that developers at Insomniac understand the franchise and what it means to fans.  The trailer really does show that they got all the little things right.

Another reason to be excited for this game is that Insomniac has a long track record of some of the best writing in the entire industry.  Gamers who are unfamiliar with the Ratchet and Clank series will be in for way more laughs than they expect.  Insomniac also has this way of filling games with good vibes.  Spider-Man is the perfect superhero for a developer like Insomniac to tackle.  The Spider-Man universe certainly has its dark moments, but it’s miles away from something dark and dreary like Batman.

Now it’s time to bring up the elephant in the room.  The actual gameplay for the Spider-Man game was eerily similar to the Batman Arkham series.  One fan even gave the game the nickname “Batman Arkham Spider-Man.”  That same fan quickly went on to say “The game will still be sick.”  Calling out Spider-Man for its similarities to the Arkham series is a fair criticism, but that’s like calling out the Tomb Raider reboot for its similarities to the Uncharted series.  Both are amazing games and unique in enough ways that fans can enjoy them both separately.  Spider-Man will stand on it’s own and shine through the shadow of the Arkham series to the point that some fans will claim it to be the new king of superhero games instead of the reigning Arkham series.

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