Stoned sheep run amok in small Wales village

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After sheep got their mouths around some weed plants they started to cause mayhem. They got into several people’s gardens and even made their way into a bungalow where they destroyed a bedroom.

The sheep had already been a nuisance around the village, just wandering around and eating things that they shouldn’t have been. Things have gotten worse since the sheep have started eating the pot according to one citizen. You can now hear echoes of the Grateful Dead playing from a distance at all hours of the night.

The town folk started to notice that something was wrong with the sheep when they stopped grazing on grass and started diving into the funions and oreo supply. That was followed by an increase in the amount of sheep with tie dye fleeces.

What used to be a beautiful and quaint town where anyone would have been happy to call their home has turned into a perpetual woodstock. The police are worried about what will happen if the sheep continue to get into the cannabis plants being dumped on the side of the road. There have already been reports of sheep meandering into the road and getting hit.

Ioan Richard, Swansea County councillor warns that there “could be an outbreak of psychotic sheep rampaging through the village.” Some of the sheep are already getting into the harder stuff, since the high from the weed no longer satisfies them. Some of the more hardcore sheep have been spotted munching on coca leaves and poppy seeds. We can only hope that the police can contain this epidemic before sheep start resorting to crimes to feed their habits.


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