Study shows that women who wear low cut tops in resume photo are more likely to get the job

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In other news the sky is blue and there are 24 hours in a day. Seriously though, a new study by Sevag Kertechian shows that a women is 19 times more likely to get a job when their resume has a photo of them in a low cut top than if they were to dress more conservatively.

The research that was carried out in Paris showed that women had more success with getting jobs in accounting and sales. So far the study only captures results from around France’s capital city. Dr. Kertechian is going to be revealing the full study results at the Appearance Matters Conference which is the world’s largest event on body image.

Dr. Kertechian decided that he wanted to test out the impact of clothing on the recruitment process after he realized it had never been done. He made resumes that were identical in terms of qualifications and just changed one shirt to a low cut top. Kertechian then took job advertisements over 3 years and sent the resumes of the both the low cut and modestly dressed woman.

Each woman forwarded their resume to 100 different jobs for both accounting and sales work. and of the 200 total resumes that were sent out the low cut top took the cake for both accounting and sales. The more revealing photo received 62 more interview offers for accounting jobs than the conservatively dressed friend. On the sales end the provocatively dressed applicant received 68 more interview offers! The numbers were staggering in favor of the woman showing more cleavage.

Now I can speak for men around the world when I say, of course this happened. Even the most strong willed men find themselves getting lost in those buxom bosoms. Women have too much power on their chest and most of them don’t even know it. Some even get upset when men notice or stare at their awesome boobage. If I were a woman you better believe that I would use my dirty pillows to my advantage. Regardless, this study is very shocking, women should be given a chance regardless of their dress or breast size.


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