Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer Reveals a Bunch of New Pokemon!

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Pokemon dropped another trailer today and it introduces trainers to several new Pokemon and evolutions.  It also showed off a couple unique moves, a new Pokemon ability and some new trainers.  Let’s just right in with all of the new Pokemon.


First is Silvally.  Silvally’s unevolved form was teased as the new “Null” type.  This new trailer shows that Silvally’s type changed based on what item it is holding.  It also has a move called Multi-Attack which changes type along with the Pokemon.  This means that as long as SIlvally has the Multi-Attack move, it will always have at least one STAB attack.  This could be a big deal for team making in terms of adjusting for the meta.  Ultimately, Silvally’s use will come down to its stats and available movepool, but this is certainly a welcome feature.  Also, Silvally’s ability is called the RKS System, which is shockingly similar to Arceus which also had the ability to change type based on which item it was holding at the time.  Coincidence? I think not.  


This next Pokemon that were shown off is the evolutions of Jangmo-o which are Hakamo-o and Kommo-o.  Both of these pokemon have the unique typing of Dragon/Fighting which can certainly put on some offensive pressure but has a 4x weakness to Fairy. Considering how powerful Fairy has proven to be, this could be a problem for Kommo-o.  Thankfully Pokemon always comes down to playing around matchups anyways.  This means that Kommo-o will still likely have a spot on teams.  Plenty of 4x weakness Pokemon in the past have made an impact on the meta.  Ferrothorn and its 4x weakness to fire is still one of the more dangerous Pokemon in VGC even in a meta where almost half the teams have Groudon or Talonflame.


The next Pokemon revealed are the evolutions of Bounsweet, which are Steenee and Tsareena.  Tsareena is a grass type pokemon with a significantly feminine design.  Not only is the design feminine, but one of its abilities is called Queenly Majesty.  Queenly Majesty prevents the use of priorities moves.  The way that the ability is worded directly from the Pokemon website suggests that this could prevent both opponent Pokemon from using priority moves, regardless of who they target in doubles format.  This has huge implications and could make speed control teams even more powerful.  Imagine a Pokemon that can prevent Sucker Punch, Fake Out, Feint, Extreme Speed, and even Prankster Thunder Wave.  This Pokemon is very likely to see play in VGC 2017 for its ability alone.  


The next Pokemon on the list is Ribombee.      The trailer didn’t really show anything exciting about this Pokemon other than it seems to be the evolution of Cutiefly.  It does have the unique type combo of Bug/Fairy but the synergy between these two types doesn’t necessarily have any sort of competitive wow factor.  


Speaking of competitive type combos.  The next Pokemon revealed was Alolan Grimer and Muk.  These Pokemon are Poison/Dark which means it only has one weakness.  Poison and Dark compliment each other very well with Dark bringing an immunity to Psychic and Poison bringing a resistance to Fairy.  Not to mention the fact that Poison does double duty by also turning Dark’s weakness to fighting into a neutral attack.  This isn’t the first Pokemon with this type combination, but Fairy didn’t exist the last time a Pokemon was introduced with this type combination.  Also, the new design is pretty awesome.


Pokemon Sun and Moon are set to release on November 18th so trainer don’t have much longer to wait.  For those who cannot wait, there will be a DEMO available much sooner than that.  

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