The Cleveland Cavaliers Are a Garbage Franchise

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Last week the Cleveland Cavaliers made the “Irving-IT” trade with the Boston Celtics and since then the sports world has been full of “stories” about whether or not the Cavs will veto the trade.  Vetoing trades isn’t unprecedented, but letting it drag on to the last moments while reports of the team listening to offers from other teams certainly is.  The most value that will come out of this delay is all the free clicks and publicity that the NBA will get because of the uncertainty.  It will, however, come at the cost of the reputation of the Cavs front office.  This really shouldn’t surprise anyone.  After all, this is the team whose owner was so bad that the NBA had to invent a rule to protect the Cavs from his ineptitude.  If you have ever wondered why a team can’t trade consecutive first round picks, you can thank the Cavs and their terrible owner.  It is known as the Stepien rule.  Fast forward to today and now they have Gilbert, their current owner, pulling all kinds of weird shenanigans.  Don’t be surprised to see that “The Gilbert rule” is a thing next offseason, limiting teams options after accepting a trade.

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