The ELeague Injustice 2 world championship to air on TBS this fall.

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Source: “The Injustice 2 World Championship will feature a 16-player tournament with $250,000 in prize money. TBS will air select matches on TV with full coverage of all games on digital platforms. The event starts with an open qualifier on Saturday, October 21st.”

This is a pretty giant step for the world of ESports. TBS is no small time station, its a nationally known and loved station. Now this isn’t the first time TBS has done this (fourth time to be technical) but Injustice is the hottest fighting game on the market right now, also a personal favorite of mine. This goes to show just how big the gaming community has become, major TV stations are now picking up tournaments to air on tv. Makes me mad at my mom for always telling me video games would get me nowhere in life, clearly she was wrong. These gamers are going to be fighting for a share of $250,000! That is an insane amount of money! For those who don’t know, this isn’t even the biggest/only tournament of the year. Gamers can make some serious money throughout the year with smaller tournaments or major ones like Evo.

As a player of Injustice 2, it amazes me to see just how big this game has become. The amount of promoting of this game I see is on the same level as games like Madden or Call of Duty. I have friends who hate fighting games now asking me about it and seem interested in giving it a try. If you’re interested in getting into Injustice 2, check out my twitch or the KBT twitch. You will find Pokejon and Myself often playing on mine and occasionally on the KBT twitch. Pokejon and I are always open to making “how to” videos for the members of KBT Nation.

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