The Order of Yoni is the world’s first vagina beer

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Two of man’s favorite things combine to become one oddly intriguing product. The Order of Yoni is the first brewery to produce a beer from vaginas. To quote the brewery the beer is made from the essence of a woman’s vagina, which is better known as lactobacilli.

The first batch being made is going to use the lactobacilli of Czech model Alexandra Brendlova. The brewing has not started yet as they have been trying to reach a goal of 150,000 euros. Currently they are campaigning on InieGoGo and have raised just over 1000 euros towards their cause.

You can go onto InieGoGo and for 39 euros you would get 0.75 liters of the first batch, a glass, bottle opener and a signed poster of Alexandra Brendlova. If you are a high roller for 10,000 euros you can send them some of your girlfriends lactobacilli and they will produce 60 bottles of beer for you from her vagina. Do you share that with your friends, or get jealous if someone drinks it?

I knew that women were miracle workers, I mean they have people grow inside them for 9 months. Now they are going to be able to make beer with their vagina? That’s it, some crazy shit right here. I don’t know how to feel about this, I mean I love both of them separately but I don’t know how I feel about drinking a vagina beer. I think that I’ll wait until I hear some reviews on how the first few batches go. For now make sure you hop onto InieGoGo and make a donation to get the brewing started.


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