The Uncharted Game That is Flying Under the Radar

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy is not a numbered Uncharted sequel.  It does not feature Nathan Drake.  It is not a digit only Uncharted 4 add on, even though that was the original plan.  Uncharted The Lost Legacy has evolved from some simple DLC story pack into a full length Uncharted game of its own, and it looks amazing.

The developers at Naughty Dog have admitted that they strayed away from the traditional Uncharted formula which included over the top action and set pieces to break up the narrative with its last entry.  Uncharted 4 was still a fantastic game, but it’s pacing and storytelling techniques were certainly a departure from previous entries in the series.  The Lost Legacy will return to the Uncharted roots  with a story “that’s longer than some previous Uncharted games.”

Based on what has been revealed so far, it would makes sense that The Lost Legacy would be a full priced $60 game on release.  That is not the case at all.  As stated above, The Lost Legacy evolved from a DLC story expansion to a full length game.  This is the definition of win/win for fans.  Fans who purchased the expansion ahead of time only had to spend $20 for the full length game, and in order to keep things “fair” for everyone else,  the cost for the stand alone game is only $40.

Thanks to the weird way that consumers think, seeing a full length game at a discount price at release might send off red flags to the uneducated.  This means that even after release, with a lower starting price, The Lost Legacy could put up much lower sales numbers than one might expect from a full numbered Uncharted release.  As for those who have paid close enough attention to a “mere” DLC expansion, they will be getting the most polished Uncharted game ever at a discount when the game releases on August 22, 2017.

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