Think you had a bad day? Check out this MMA fighters night

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“Just seconds into the first round, Myung landed a heavy kick between his opponent’s legs. The blow saw Myung’s shin connect perfectly with Aorigele’s nether regions.”

Jesus Mary and Joseph Stalin, that looks like it hurt. Have you ever wondered what bursting testicals sound like? Well you just heard it. The real question is, is it wrong that my first reaction was to laugh and not cringe? 9/10 times when a guy sees another guy take a shot to his meat and two veg, our legs close and we cringe at what we just saw.

There is no word on this poor soul’s condition, but we all know it’s not good. They had to bring out a blanket to cover him and do a medical exam on the spot. I took a point blank shot in the dick during hockey one time and that REALLY sucked. However, I didn’t need a medical exam on the spot. Sure it felt terrible for a while, but it was nothing compared to what I just watched.




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