This Portal Experiment is Mind Bendingly Cool

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Portal is a very successful puzzle game developed by Valve.  The point of the game is to use portals to solve increasingly difficult puzzles.  The marketing team behind Portal coined the phrase, “Now you are thinking with portals.”  Thinking with portals is the key to continuing in the game.  Much of the game involves traveling between the two portals to get to different areas of the current puzzle room.  Sometimes players need to set up portals then jump from high up to use gravity to shoot them across an endless gap in the floor.  Sometimes players need to aim lasers through portals.  The possibilities are virtually endless. When standing halfway between the portals, gamers are rewarded with some pretty interesting visual results. One gamer saw this phenomenon and asked what would happen if the game character was crushed in between two portals with nowhere to go.  The results are quite frankly mind blowing.  

The scene in the video is something strange, like out of the movie Interstellar.  It brings into question so many things about time and space.  Would the person get crushed or would they enter an infinite loop of nothingness with no way to escape?  Some questions may never get answered in our lifetime, but thinking about the possibilities has value in itself.  Sometimes those questions lead to crazy videos like this one which just leads to more conversations and thinking.  Enjoy thinking with portals.

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