Top 5 TV Show Intro’s of the 90’s

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Let’s take a look back at the shows we loved growing up (most of us at least). I’ve had so many conversations about the shows themselves with friends and cousins I grew up with (to this day still do), but never really thought about the intro to the show. Thinking about it if the show had a sweet intro you were more likely to watch it. With all that said, here we go.

#5. Salute your shorts


Coming in at #5 we have Salute Your Shorts… Staple show of my Nickelodeon lineup growing up. If you can find me a person who grew up in the 90’s and can’t finish this line “And when we think about you”. I’ll show you a person who had a crappy childhood.

#4. Pokemon


“I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was” was almost every kids dream growing up. This song was epic and catchy as F. One of those songs everyone had memorized and as an adult can probably still sing without missing a beat.


#3. Fresh Prince


At 3 we have the Fresh Prince theme. Kind of hard to call this a theme song being that it was also on the radio. Either way everyone loved this song (even if you didn’t like the show some how).

Also on an irrelevant note… The fan theory for this show is so good it 100% has to be true



#2. X-Men Cartoon


I went back and forth countless times with this and my #1 choice. X-Men was the main reason for saturday morning cartoons, arguably the best cartoon of the 90’s. I feel like this intro jacks you up for some epic mutant battles and it about as perfect as perfect can get.


#1. Mighty Morphin Power rangers


If someone tells you they did not LOVE this song, they’re a bold faced liar. That guitar riff is just too cool, the chorus is bad ass. The biggest reason this is #1 over X-Men is the fact you can actually sing along to it (granted it’s a  total of 7 different words). Im also willing to bet most people assumed this was #1.


Honorable Mention

Home Improvement, Saved by the Bell, Friends



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