Two Monkeys go ham in some dudes face

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What’s the worst thing that can happen when you go to the zoo? Obviously it’s some negligent parent letting their kid fall into a cage and Harambe gets murdered in cold blood. However, the next thing on that list is getting fucked on by a couple of monkeys. First monkey was literally chilling eating a nut, second monkey on the other hand was also looking for a nut.


Can you even imagine what was going through that dudes mind as he’s essentially making a monkey sandwich? I’m kind of surprised the monkey did not put his hands up and go for the Eiffel Tower with his new bro. Also I just want to point out, this guy was way to calm when all of this going on in his face. He is actually smiling while it happened, if that’s not a sign of being a sociopath than I don’t know what is.

Sidenote: That monkey had some impressive sex game. Wasted no time at all either. Slides right in and starts going to town… We could all learn a lesson here.

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