Unreal Engine 4’s Partnership with Nintendo Switch is a Major Victory for the New Console

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The official Unreal Engine Twitter page just announced that it will be partnering with Nintendo to bring the most commonly used development engine to the new console.  This cannot be stated in any other way other than as a major victory for Nintendo.  This will instantly guarantee that the Nintendo Switch will have a much larger pool of third party developers who are able to easily port games onto the console.  To put this in perspective, Wii U did not support Unreal 4 and failed so horribly that Nintendo had no choice but to launch another console to save itself.  

For those who are unaware, Unreal Engine 4 is used by some of the best developers in the world.  Games like Gears of War 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, Scalebound, Street Fighter 5, Ark:Survival Evolved, and even the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake all use this engine.  Some of these games are obviously exclusives, but this is just to put it in perspective how many AAA titles use the Unreal 4 engine.  Now compound that with the fact that these types of games will be able to be played anywhere on the Nintendo Switch in the future.

This is exactly the type of follow up story to the reveal of the Nintendo Switch that will help the new console gain momentum up to launch day and well beyond.  This news is what gets developers to think “Huh, so we could easily put our game on that console.  Let’s start working towards that immediately.”  This is clearly great news for the Nintendo Switch and gamers, but it could come at a price.  That price could be a large increase in the amount of game delays we see over the next year thanks to developers trying to port their games to the Nintendo Switch.  In the long run, this is great news and a major victory for the Nintendo.  The Nintendo Switch isn’t even out yet and is already leagues ahead of the Wii U.  This is a great start and we here at KillBoreTime can’t wait to hear more news, and as soon we we do we will pass it along!

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