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Another week gone by and that means another Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer.   The newest trailer for the pair of games slated to hit shelves on November 18th focuses on some of the differences between the two games as well as showing off some new features and Z-Moves.  It leads off by showcasing a version exclusive for both Sun and Moon.

Sun’s version exclusive reveal is a fighting type Pokemon called Passimian.  This brand new Pokemon has a unique ability called receiver.  Receiver allows Passimian to take the ability of teammate that has fainted in a double/triple battle.  If the ability is something that is triggered when a Pokemon enters the battle, it will trigger at the time that Passimian acquires it.  This could be made even more interesting if this allows Passimian to stack multiple abilities from multiple fainted teammates.

Moon’s version exclusive reveal is a Normal/Psychic type Pokemon called Oranguru.  Oranguru doesn’t come with a new ability, but he does have a couple of powerful ones.  Oranguru can either have Inner Focus which could come in handy against the common fake out users in the current VGC meta or Telepathy which is just excellent in doubles format in general.  Oranguru does, however, have a brand new move called Instruct, which instructs its teammate in a double battle to use the move they just used a second time.  This could be extremely powerful.  Even if the move only gets used by a focus sash smeargle, it could still have huge implications on VGC 2017.  Imagine getting off two precipice blades or any other number of powerful double attacks.  It is clear that these Pokemon were designed with doubles play in mind instead of the traditional 1 on 1 combat.  


The Trailer then goes on to show off how Rockruff’s evolution will be determined by the specific game.  In Sun, Rockruff will evolve into “Midday Form” while in Moon it will evolve into “Midnight Form.” There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the two other than possible Abilities.  The moves that they learn could obviously vary greatly as well.



The trailer then goes on to show off the new customization features that are available to make your trainer exclusively yours with new hairstyles and clothes.  The trailer shows off Pokemon Refresh which seems to be a mini game that appears to improve the Pokemon’s feelings towards their trainer and makes them look their best.


The last part of the trailer shows off a couple of new Z- Moves.  First, there is Pikachu’s Z- Move called Catastropika.  This looks to be another massive damage move similar to Snorlax’s Z- Move.  The other Z-Move that was released is called Extreme Evoboost.  This move is learned by Eevee.  This move raises all 5 stats by two stages.  This is absolutely incredibly and will set up some crazy sweeps.  Assuming that Eevee is able to keep this move upon evolution, this automatically makes many of the Eeveelutions a force to be reckoned with.  This won’t stop some of the more frail Eeveelutions from still being crippled by status effects, but this move could be a game changer.


If we learned anything from this new trailer it is that Gamefreak seems to be making a concerted effort at pushing the game toward doubles battling.  With Pokemon Championships being in the VGC format, it makes sense that they would lean this way.   This trailer really helps push that idea along.  Stay tuned at KillBoreTime for more news on Pokemon Sun and Moon.


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