Way too early Fantasy Football Sleepers

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This article is called way too early, but is it really ever too early for fantasy football? No, no it is not. Now if you’re like me you play in multiple leagues, but there’s one league you refer to as your big league, the league you want to win the most. Whether it is cash, bragging rights and a trophy/championship belt. Now I have never finished less the the semi finals, and multi time champ in my big league because I’m good at fantasy football and know how to find gems. The NFL draft has come and gone and for the most part teams are pretty set (Jets will have Fitz locked up sooner or later). So let’s look at some players that I believe you can get late round or low money (for auction leagues) that will benefit your team.

Brock Osweiler- Houston Texans.
Osweiler played alright for Denver last year even with a bad offensive line. In 7 games he threw 10 tds. He could have thrown more if his receivers could catch worth a damn last year. He threw 6 ints but 3 of which went through receiver’s hands and into the D’s lap. After signing with the Texans, Osweiler will now be throwing to Nuk Hopkins (who played better than DT last year) and has a much better O-Line than he had in Denver. Plus, Houston just drafted speedy WR Will Fuller and shifty Braxton Miller. Add in the addition of Lamar Miller at RB who can catch out of the backfield and run well. I honestly believe Osweiler could be a top 10 fantasy Qb

Carlos Hyde San Fran 49ers
Hyde was expected to have a breakout year last year, but sadly he did not. Hyde is now making the transition into Chip Kelly’s offense this year and I feel this is an offense that benefits Hyde. Kelly runs the ball A LOT and it’s a perfect for a zone runner like Hyde. I’m not expecting Hyde to run for 1500 and 10 TD’s (not even close) but 1100 and 7 I think is in the realm of possibilities. Hyde is averaged 4.1 yards in a shitty scheme with a shitty coach last year, I think there is reason for optimism this year.

Ryan Matthews- Philly Eagles
The obvious reservation about this pick is Matthew’s health, but Matthews did play in 16 games last year and did average 5.0 YPC. Interesting thing about Matthews is he’s actually a good RB, he has only had one year under 4.0 YPC. I like Matthews more than most going into this season. West and Ware were basically no name players but in Doug Pederson’s offense, they were weekly plays. I feel Matthews has a chance to do very well in this offense, pending his health.

Travis Benjamin SD Chargers
Benjamin is a pure burner, the kind of guy who can take it to the house on any play. We all saw what he did with Johnny Manziel and no other real receiver on the opposite side. Well, now he has Philip Rivers (BIG upgrade there) throwing him the rock, Keenan Allen on the other side of him and still has a great TE in the middle. Benjamin will go for like 75 catches 1100 yds and 6 or 7 TD’s

DeVante Parker WR Miami Dolphins
Parker’s rookie season was basically a wash, it took way too long to get over a lingering leg injury. However near the end of the year he started to put the game together. Now add offensive minded head coach Adam Giese to the mix (remember what he did in Denver?). I’m expecting pretty damn good numbers out of Parker this year. A full preseason with the team and playing at 100%, he and Landry will make a dangerous pairing. Also helps that they don’t have much of a run game and will have to throw a lot this coming season.

Coby Fleener NO Saints
Honestly, tight ends are a dime a dozen if you don’t have Gronk or now Jordan Reed. Still it can be beneficial to have a guy who will give you a consistent 8-11 points a week in the TE spot. I think Coby Fleener is the guy to snag this year. After leaving a team that never really valued his abilities (had a decent year a few years ago when Allen went down) to a team that loves their tight ends in the Saints. Fleeber is a big body with some pretty good speed for a TE (ran a 4.51 40) and has pretty good hands. Brees loves his TE’s, just look what Graham did with him, even Watson went for 74 825 and 6. I honestly believe Fleener goes for 75 1000 and 7 this year.

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