Web Game Wednesday: Coma

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This week’s Web Game is called Coma.  It is a very interesting 2D platformer with a touch of puzzle solving.  Coma’s charm comes from its visual aesthetic and accompanying music.  They blend very well to make the 10-15 minute journey quite an enjoyable experience.  

Coma has a surprisingly in depth story for a 15 minute web game.  The story starts off with the main character, named Pete, waking up to a world that isn’t what he remembers.  Pete learns that his father locked his sister in a cage from his friend the talking bird, aptly named Birdie.  There is obviously more to the story than this, but we will leave it here to let you experience it for yourself.  The game will leave you thinking about it long after it ends.  Coma is worth the 10-15 minutes of investment needed to see how it ends and it.

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