Web Game Wednesday: HRmageddon

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What happens when two companies merge to create a powerful mega corporation?  The regular office workers must fight to survive the upcoming layoffs.  HRmageddon is a turn based strategy game that pits rival office workers against each other in a fight to the death, or until one side creates a monopoly of cubicles in the office.  It’s lots of little things that makes this game so great.  Whether it’s the name of the attacks or the fact that special moves requires a certain number of cups of coffee to complete, HRmaggedon is actually fun and it is filled with flavor.  


Players get to create their team from Managers, Receptionists, IT Guys, and Salesmen.  Each of these classes have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Creating a nice balance really helps set the stage for a successful match.  Team building becomes more important in multiplayer, but it is still important to utilize the strengths of each class correctly.  HRmaggedon is worth a play even just for the chuckle that will surely happen the first time you see a salesman sexually harass a rival employee.  

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