Web Game Wednesday: Kingdom Rush

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Kingdom Rush is a classic tower defense game that takes very little previous experience to jump right in.  The game starts off with a short and effective explanation of how to build towers.  The first match allows the player time to set up their first couple towers before they hit the “Start Battle” button.  Once that button is pressed the battle begins.  The waves start nice and slow to help the player get better acclimated to tower defense game style.  As the waves continue, the player unlocks abilities, such as being able to call reinforcements that will fight on the battlefield until they are dead or their timer runs out.  This is a nice touch to what would otherwise be a very static waiting game where the player can feel helpless if their tower placement lets enemies slip by.  With it’s short cooldown, reinforcements should be used often, but still with a sense of strategy.  Rain of Fire, on the other hand, has a long cooldown and should be saved for emergencies.  

Kingdom Rush is a well made and fun web game that lets players kill time and boredom for hours while still providing a fun experience.

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