Wednesday MFK: JT, Leo, Jeter- all the Kills

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The last 3 MFKs we ran through some spectacular hook up lists in JT, Leo and Jeter. This and the following 2 weeks we’ll be putting all the M’s F’s and K’s head to head. We’re gonna start with the 3 K’s, lets take a look

Jeter Kill: Minka Kelly

Leo Kill: Blake Lively

JT Kill: Olivia Wilde


Marry: Blake Lively

Image result for Blake Lively

Blake Lively is easily the best of this here trio. It’s hard to believe that there’s any list where she’d be the kill.


Fuck: Olivia Wilde

How the fuck was she a kill?

Sexy Olivia Wilde GIFs (46 gifs)

Sexy Olivia Wilde GIFs (46 gifs)

Sexy Olivia Wilde GIFs (46 gifs)



Kill: Minka Kelly

Image result for Minka Kelly

When all is said and done, on this list of 9 potential females Kelly comes in dead last. Hard to imagine that Minka Kelly would finish 9th place but she just doesn’t stack up with the rest

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