Wednesday MFK: Justin Timberlake’s girlfriends

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Last night a few of us were talking about who has the best “list”. The 3 names that always get brought up are JT, Clooney and Jeter. Today we’re going to MFK 3 people from JT’s list.

Marry: Scarlett Johansson

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The main reason we’re going with ScarJo as mary is she’s got a prettier face than our “fuck”, and also I REALLY want to fuck our “fuck” selection.


Fuck: Jessica Biel

Image result for Jessica Biel chuck and larry gif



Kill: Olivia Wilde

Image result for Olivia Wilde

This is a tough one to kill. I love Olivia WIlde, she’s one of the sexiest people on the planet. Wilde’s eyes really draw you in, that on top of the fact that she’s apparently has marathon fuck sessions is why this is such a tough kill

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