Wednesday MFK: Spider-Man’s crushes

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This week on MFK we’ll be going over the main girls from the 3 Spider-Man series (Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Homecoming). Now that we are officially 3 different universes in, with Homecoming now in theaters, this seemed like a perfect option. On to our contestants.

Mary-Jane: Kirsten Dunst

Gwen Stacy- Emma Stone

Liz- Laura Harrier

Marry: Gwen Stacy- Emma Stone

Image result for Emma Stone zombieland

I’m a big Emma Stone fan so that made me enjoy her character much more. Something about her eyes just draws you in and you can’t resist.

Fuck: Liz- Laura Harrier

Image result for Laura Harrier

Yes please! Honestly after marrying Emma Stone this is a no brainer. No one is picking Kirsten Dunst over Laura Harrier (or Stone for that matter)

Kill: Mary-Jane: Kirsten Dunst

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Very easy choice, I honestly have no need to explain this. Actually really quick, she quit on the Spider-Man series so damn hard in Spider-Man 3. You could tell she didn’t want to be there anymore.

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