Why haven’t the Indians had Charlie Sheen AKA Rick Vaughn throw out the first pitch yet?

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Literally the only time people have ever been happy with the Indians in the postseason was the end of the Major League movies. Rick Vaughn to this day is still a fan favorite. No one excites the crowd like Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn. I mentioned earlier that I doubt the crowd will be electric tonight, but if the Indians pull a fast one and open the game with Sheen dressed as Wild Thing and enter the game from the bullpen to his come out song, that might be just enough to spark the crowd. I mean I’m getting pretty pumped up about the game tonight just thinking about that. Not to mention one of the teams Vaughn helps eliminate is also from Chicago (wrong Chitown team but you get the point). Remember the time the Red Sox had their own Wild Thing in Jonathan Papelbon years ago (2007)? Pretty sure they won the world series. Take a page from histories book Cleveland, give the people what they want.

PS… If they were waiting for possible game 7 to bring in the Wild Thing, I can get down with that.

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