Woman pulls gun on employees after being shorted a chicken nugget

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A 19 year Washington woman has been arrested after pulling a gun on a fast food employee. The reason? She realized she was shorted a chicken nugget when she got her meal.

At first the suspect became irritated when she did not receive her drink from the order immediately. When she finally got her drink, she then complained that there was something in her drink. The final straw snapped when she got her food and came to notice that she was one chicken nugget short of what she had ordered.

This is where things really escalated, she threw her drink at the drive thru window and then pulled out her gat and pointed it at the employees. The restaurant then called the police who went to her residence just to find her hiding in her attic. She was arrested for second degree assault and held on $75,000 bail.

If I am going to be entirely honest here, I’m with the customer. First it takes them forever to give her the drink, which should take a second or two at most. Then she finds something in it (most likely spit or something similar from a disgruntled employee who was upset with their life). Finally they decided to short her a chicken nugget, they’re lucky she didn’t pistol whip them. This is exactly why I check my food before I pull away from the window, if they fuck up I can show them the hands.


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