WTF, Man bites wife after being bitten by snake because he wanted to die together

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A man in India was sleeping when he was bit by a snake (probably a cobra), when he woke up he was in poor condition. His last wish was that his wife die with him so he bit into her wrist. Sounds like a stage 5 clinger if you ask me.

They both passed out on the floor soon after the wife had been bitten. The couple was quickly rushed to the hospital where they were both treated for their wounds. Luckily the doctors were able to save the wife, the same could not be said for her husband.

Now I get that marriage is supposed to be through thick and thin, sickness and health and all that, but I think this is where the line should be. There is no way in hell I’m going to let my wife try to bleed me out just because she is dying. I know it sucks and all to die or to watch a loved one die but my will to live is too damn strong to just go down like that.

I can just picture how the conversation would go right now. Wife – “Honey…cough, cough…I…I’m dying, my last wish is that you come with me.” Me – “ Oh, ohh noooo, sorry I just I’m not ready for that type of commitment yet. This is your time I wouldn’t want to steal your thunder.” Almost everything should be done together in a marriage, except dying….and pooping, and this guy was definitely a little too attached even for being married.


Marriage vows say “Till death do us part” for a reason.  How can I argue with that?


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